Our Story  

It all started with traveling: visiting new places, new restaurants and tasting local specialties. That's how we got interested and involved in wine. Gradually our preferences evolved as quality time with all sorts of quality-wine went by. The two of us easily transitioned from your local supermarket favorites to superior wines sold in specialized boutiques, a grand-cru that no matter how dusty the bottle it came in, tasted angelically refreshing. Twas then that we truly discovered the amazing world of wines, wild, open-minded and anti-ennui garanti, made in harmony with nature and in concordance with a low intervention philosophy.
    Once our home was over-crowded with souvenirs and trophies from all over Europe, it dawned upon us that this road we'd been following for quite a while, had lead to our new mission in life: popularizing the virtue of curiosity, the courage to try new tastes, the willingness to explore the beautiful possibilities of nature. This idea plus the constant unavailability of natural wines in bars and restaurants, the lack of choice on their wine-cards, drove if not forced us to try and import such wines ourselves.
     'nuff said and moaned though, we like to drink wine rather than talk about it, snobbery and obduracy have no business interfering here as we believe that one should not get too pompously serious about the content of one's glass, one should have serious fun with it instead!