Goede keuze!

Gabriel-Glas Bottle/Decanter


Elegant and neat vessel to let the wine breathe. We love it's stylish somplicity! 


Bottle or decanter? The answer is simple: both! The basic shape of this multi-use bottle was created from the extended goblet shape made of Gabriel glass. Elegant and elegant, this mouth-blown DrinkArt edition enriches every laid table. Even simple drinking water gets its due value here. This is why this DrinkArt bottle is particularly valued in the catering trade …

• Maximum elegance thanks to its particularly elegant design.
• Complements wonderfully with the existing Gabriel glass.
• The 1.2 liter capacity is also perfect for wines.
• Ideal for water and fruit drinks of all kinds.
• State-of-the-art technology (lead-free), therefore suitable for dishwashers.
• Particularly handy in comparison to “tedious carafes”.

Gabriel-Glas Bottle/Decanter

€ 34,00Prijs

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