Goede keuze!

Martin Vajčner


Decadence Amphora 2019


Fruity and velvety red wine balanced by spiciness, tannins and acidic freshness, with very energetic and lively wild nose. Perfect equilibrium of body and  lightness. 


Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir

Vinification: stomped by feet, fermented and matured for 7 months with skins in amphorae, then few more months in oak barrels.

In order to express the terroir amphorae were made from local clay after long and difficult search for the right material and the master, and turned out to be a complete success.

Vineyard: South-West slope, slightly acid subsoil is formed by biotic granite, sea sands and calcareous clays.


Alc. 12,5%

Martin Vajčner Decadence Amphora 2019

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