Goede keuze!

Zidarich Kamen Vitovska 2018


Carso, Italy


Uniquely charged with minerality orange wine with pretty full body, with scents of ripe fruits en beeswax en strong, dominate pleasant aftertaste with very nice acidity, made in a very limited amount. Very gastronomical wine! 


Grapes: 100% Vitovska

Vinification: 18 days maceration on skins in artisanal stone vats, then aged for 2 years in slavonian oak barrels.

"Kamen" means "stone". Benjamin Zidarich was fascinated by the discovery that in prehistoric times local people used to make wine in big vats, carved from native stone. Local artisans made exclusively for the winery that very special marble tank, where only limited amount of Vitovska grape from each harvest ferments en macerates on skins, emphasizing the connection with the terroir en letting the wine express in a very unique way.


Alc.: 13%

Zidarich Kamen Vitovska 2018

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